Single Album Renggo & Maharaja

Single Album Renggo & Maharaja
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Greeting 1 World.....

Im litle disapointed....many people not appriciate what m doin',I just do my resposiblity for this muzik arena...and I just want to kept my pocket enough money to earn for my family,if I can...I want All my friends stand & walk at same Level like me and I dont want any of them left behind....but If they dont want give they self chance and still just wait others do job for them and dont want do anything unless get paid,do something....not wait for anything,If this matter still happen and always like this...How to make improvement in your life????I can bring them along,but they have to do something to make them can go along....dont just wait for your self to arena and bring what you got to them....not just Blame others becoz you are you want people called you with that???wake up....this is what you have to face if you want to come and join this each others not blame others.

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